Welcome to website of Deutsche Foerdertechnik, manufacturer of mixing pumps, plastering machines, mortar pumps, screed machines, conveying pumps and clay plaster machines made in Germany. Thank you for visiting us. We like to inform you about our construction machines and their application possibilities as mixing pump, mortar machine, plastering machine, screed pump or clay plaster machine. Also we like to suggest you the practical advantages of our UMP 1 machine technology and cases of operation at construction site.

UMP1 mixing pumps, plastering machines, screed machines

Screed pumps, plastering machines, mortar pumps – solid technology for construction business

You are able to processing a wide range of building materials such as tackifying and basecoat mortar, cementitious grout, floor screed, concrete floor, mortar for stonework, grouting mortar, leveling ... compound, restoration render or clay plaster materials. You can use the UMP 1 machines in many different ways. It’s possible to use as an plastering machine with conventional construction materials, also as an special clay plaster machine, mixing pump or horizontal continuous mixer. [read more] [hide]

Mixing pumps and conveying pumps made for practical needs

The solid and practically orientated technology of our mixing pumps, screed machines and mortar pumps and also the optimized frame size and a weight of only 135 kg or 157 kg is the base of UMP 1 construction machines. That’s why this machines are a valid partner for a lot of applications in construction business. We have the right solutions for different technical requirements. You can work with ... a 230 V, 16 A power connection in the manner of UMP 1 Singlepower, with a 400 V, 16 A high power connection in the manner of UMP 1 Standard and Standard plus or you can take both with the switchable UMP 1 Dualpower machine. There are various options with it. [read more] [hide]

The clay plaster machine UMP 1 L-Power – one for all

One for all it’s our clay plaster machine and universally mixing pump UMP 1 L-Power. With it you can do more then only processing clay plaster materials. For an maximum flexibility, equally suited for the breadth of work with conventional mechanized construction materials. After exchange the ... material container, the L-Power machine is ready for operation as an mixing pump, mortar machine or screed pump with customary building materials. [read more] [hide]

Our mixing pumps and conveying pumps – UMP 1 machines overview

model application possibilities
UMP 1 Standard plus 400 V / 16 A
mixing and conveying pump UMP1

UMP 1 Standard plus – mixing and conveying pump universally applicable. Equipped with a powerful 4,0 kW drive. The possibilities for usage range from plastering and grouting to working with floating screed, insulating plaster or leveling ... compound. For factory pre-mixed machinable materials in powder form, wet products, pasty materials as well as materials with a thinner texture. Optimal to use for filling in borehole injection for terrestrial heat/geothermics. It’s possible to work with optional connected air compressor and fine plaster spray gun. [more about UMP 1 Standard plus] [hide]

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UMP 1 Dualpower 230 V / 400 V, 16 A, switchable
mixing pump 230V-400V switchable

UMP 1 Dualpower here it’s possible to select the mode of operation in-between 230 V / 16 A or high power mode 400 V / 16 A. With it you are ready for most different requirements of construction zones. Usable as mixing pump, plastering machine, screed pump, mortar pump, for tackifying and basecoat ... mortar, with plaster, mortar for stonework and much more. It’s made for usage with an air compressor and fine plaster spray gun as standard. All this possible ways makes your workflow much more flexible and efficient. [more about UMP 1 Dualpower] [hide]

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UMP 1 Singlepower 230 V / 16 A
plaster machine 230V UMP1 Singlepower

The mixing pump, plastering machine, sceed pump UMP 1 Singlepower works with an equivalent efficiency in a 230 V, 16 A mode. For working you only need a power supply with 230 V, 16 A. Universally applicable ... as mixing pump, plastering machine or screed pump too. For factory pre-mixed machinable materials , wet products, pasty materials as well as materials with a thinner texture. All that is makeable with only a 230 V, 16 A power supply. [more about UMP 1 Singlepower] [hide]

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UMP 1 L-Power 400 V / 16 A
mixing and conveying pump and clay plaster machine UMP1 L-Power

UMP 1 L-Power our plastering machine for processing different clay plaster products in a professional and efficient way, equally for using with conventional construction materials. You can work with earth-moist clay plaster straight from a bigbag. Also you can work with pre-mixed dry clay materials like clay plaster fine finish ... coat, clay insulation plaster or rammed clay. Specifically for the professional usage with natural clay materials , equally suited for the breadth of work with conventional mechanized construction materials, all what you need is only to exchange the material container. [more about UMP 1 L-Power] [hide]

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UMP 1 L-Power dual 230 V / 400 V / 16 A, switchable
plaster machine for clay 230V-400V switchable UMP1 L-Power dual

One machine for a wide range of practical needs. The UMP 1 L-Power version dual has an switchable power mode. You can switch between 230 V, 16 A or a 400 V, 16 A working mode for an maximum flexibility at construction site. Purpose-built for processing clay plaster products, equally suited for processing conventional mechanized construction materials. All what you have to do is a simple ... exchange of the material container. With this standard material container you are able to processing matierials like grout, cement light plaster, restoration render, floor screed or concrete. Only one machine for almost all practical needs. [more about UMP 1 L-Power dual] [hide]

->details and technical parameters

More information, technical data and practical applications of UMP 1 mixing and conveying pumps you can find at the following websites. If you have any further queries about our construction machines, please do not hesitate to contact us.