clay plaster machine UMP 1 L-Power – 400 V/16 A

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DF UMP 1 L-Power 400 V, 16 A
clay plaster machine, possible to modify as mixing pump for conventional materials

clay plaster machine, mixing pump UMP1

The UMP 1 is a continuously operating mixing pump. We developed it as a L-Power Version specifically for the processing of natural clay products. The machine allows clay plaster to be mechanically processed in a high quality manner and in only one work process. Finally, construction with natural clay has become more efficient and more cost-effective. This is especially accomplished by dispensing with time-consuming steps. For example, pre-mixing in a pug mill mixer and further lot-for-lot processing are no longer needed.
The UMP 1 L-Power allows a continuous material flow which makes working with clay plaster as easy and as comfortable as with conventional mechanized construction materials. Fill the machine with clay straight from the big bag, set the desired material consistency, and apply it directly to the wall with the fine plaster spraying gun. Finished – that’s how easy it is to plaster with clay.

Processing clay plaster practical use
earth-moist bigbag material processing with clay plaster machine UMP 1 L-Power
machining workflow with clay plaster fine finish coat with mixing pump UMP 1
processing of earth-moist clay straight from bigbags with plastering machine
UMP 1 L-Power with insulation mortar on a basis of clay and clay stamp dry and earth-moist

But the UMP 1 L-Power can do even more. On the one hand it is especially designed for use with clay plaster but, on the other hand, it is equally suited for the breadth of work with conventional mechanized construction materials. To achieve this, you merely need to exchange the material container and just like that even conventional construction materials can be processed with high quality. The UMP 1 L-Power optimises clay plaster applications; and can be used universally for mixing, conveying and plastering conventional construction materials. Small, handy, comfortable – the UMP 1 L-Power allows for more efficient environmentally friendly construction.
The L-Power can be loaded with packaged or silo goods. For silo goods it will be equipped with an injection or transfer hood. It is designed for use as mixing or/and conveying pump.

Use as a mixing pump:
For big bag clay plaster and all factory pre-mixed dry mortars, such as: gypsum plaster, lyme-gypsum plaster, cement plaster, mortar for stonework, insulating plaster, grouting mortar with a grain of up to 16mm, concrete seed with a grain of up to 8mm, priming materials and much more.

Use as a conveying pump:
For wet and pasty products such as: finishing coats, decorative plasters, tackifying- and basecoat mortar floor screed, thin screed or concrete floor.

mixing pump L-Power transportation

UMP 1 mixing and conveying pumps transport logistics
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