Deutsche Foerdertechnik – mixing pumps made in Germany

We are manufacturer of high-quality mixing and conveying pumps predestinated for plastering machines, screed pumps, concrete pumps and clay plaster technology for working with clay based materials.

Since 2006 we have a fabrication of our own UMP1 machine series with various machine types for a lot of possible applications. Our product range today includes five different machine types UMP1 Standard plus, Dualpower, L-Power, L-Power dual and Singlepower. As a medium-sized company we place importance on quality and a solid and field-tested machine technology.

All machines are products made in Germany and be completely produced at our job shop production in Bautzen, Saxony.

Our machine conception based on a highly practical relevance, but there are more important aspects, like energy efficiency and optimizations of usability, logistics, quality and performance characteristics. That's why the UMP1 machine concept reflected the ecological ideas of our time.

Mixing pumps for dry mortar, conveying pumps for pasty materials, plastering machines, screed pumps or concrete pumps, machines of the UMP1 series are very flexible. With a corresponding machine equipment it's possible to use for a wide range high quality processing of construction materials.

The best flexibility on construction site make sure special and optional technical facilities for our UMP1 mixing and conveying pumps, like built-in water pressure pumps, switch able operation mode 230V or 400V, 16A available for the dual machines or a speed control for the conveying pump mode.

With more than three decades of practical experience with mixing and conveying technology we are the right specialist contact partner in case of mixing pumps, plastering machines, screed and concrete pumps.

Practically orientated, developed with a great expertise and innovative basic approaches, the UMP1 machine series it's a powerful and well-wrought conception made in Germany.

For all queries around using possibilities, precision machine equipment of UMP1 mixing pumps, all spare parts, wear parts and other additional equipment please do not hesitate to contact us. It's a pleasure for us to answer your technical questions with respect to UMP1 mixing and conveying pumps.

your team from Deutsche Foerdertechnik mixing pumps