about us

Since 2006 Deutsche Fordertechnik’s has been a manufacturer of building machines. This mixing pumps, plastering maschines, screed machines and clay plaster machines developed by ouerselves. We are producing our machine series in a job shop production in Saxony/Germany.
Taking our theoretical considerations, the needs of our customers and a lot of practical experience into account, we gradually developed new and innovative technical solutions. The end product following this protracted development phase was the UMP 1 mixing pump. The technology used here is exclusively orientated to the everyday needs of the construction industry.
The UMP 1 has not only been designed by us for standard use but also to handle more difficult-to-use materials and other special application cases. You can use it as a mixing pump, conveying pump, plastering machine, screed machine, to plaster, to coat, to paste, to mould, to fill in, for insulating, to renovate, to inject, for grouting, to reinforce concrete and much more. In case of the “dual” machines it’s possible to work with selectable mode 230 V / 16 A or high power mode 400 V / 16 A. There are a lot of various options for more flexibility and a higher comfort. With the UMP 1 machine series we have best technical solutions for construction business.