UMP 1 Singlepower, 230V, 16A mixing pump, plastering machine

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DF UMP 1 Singlepower / Singlepower Z 400V, 16 A
mixing pump, plastering machine, screed machine, conveying pump

mixing pump 230V, UMP1 Singlepower plastering machine

The UMP 1 Singlepower mixing pump is designed for using only with 230V, 16 A. Machine performace with 230V is mostly retained compared to a mixing pump operating with 400V. Applicable wherever a 400V power supply doesn’t exist.
As continuously operating mixing pump with 230V the Singlepower has almost the same range of machinable materials like the Standard plus version with a 400V power supply. It’s possible to use for factory pre-mixed machinable materials in powder form such as plaster and mortar products or for pasty and thinner materials like spackling and levelling compounds, finishing coats, decorative plaster, floor or thin screed.
With a modified standard equipment available as Z-version, without compressor, fine plaster spraying gun and air hose for applications like grouting, backfilling, jointing or repointing.
A completion for plastering and rendering insets it’s possible later.

mixing pump UMP1 singlepower transportation

UMP 1 mixing and conveying pumps transport logistics
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