UMP 1 Standard plus, 400V, 16A mixing pump, plastering machine

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DF UMP 1 Standard plus / Standard plus Z 400V, 16 A
mixing pump, plastering machine, screed machine, conveying pump

plastering machine, mixing pump UMP1 400V, 16A

This version of the UMP 1 is usually operated with a power supply of 400V/16 A. It’s a mixing pump well equipped with a high performance 4 kW drive. As a continuously operating mix pump it’s possible to use for factory pre-mixed machinable materials in powder form such as plaster or grouting mortar. It’s also applicable for pasty materials or materials with a thinner consistency such as spackling compounds, levelling compounds, finishing coats or decorative plaster. The UMP 1 Standard plus can be loaded with packaged or silo goods. For usage with silo goods it needs an injection or transfer hood as additional equipment.
That’s the plus points to standard: Mixing pump UMP1 Standard plus has optimised technical parameters and is universally usable as mixing and conveying pump, plastering machine, continuously operating mixer or screed machine. Options for integrated water pressure pump and speed control in the conveying pump mode expand application fields once more. It’s interesting in terms of jointing and repointing.
As Z-version the UMP1 Standard plus is specially designed for grouting, repointing and backfilling. It’s a machine version with a modified equipment without compressor, fine plaster spraying gun and air hose. The Z-version it’s a useful option for everybody who wants to work in the field of grouting, backfilling, jointing or repointing. It’s possible to upgrade the Z-Version for a plastering and rendering usage.

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