clay plaster maschine UMP 1 L-Power dual – 230 V/400 V,16 A switchable

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DF UMP 1 L-Power dual 230 V / 400 V, 16 A switchable
clay plaster machine, possible to modify as mixing pump for conventional materials

clay plaster machine UMP1 L-Power dual 230V-400V switchable

The UMP1 L-Power as a continuously operating mixing pump for special usage with ecological clay products, it’s also available as dual version with a 230V-400V alteration switch. The 230V-400V switch mode guarants more flexibility for highly diverse requirements on construction site.
Processing clay materials will be more efficient and cost-effective with the special focus of this mixing pumps on processing clay materials. It’s noticeable in cases of bigger construction projects. A time-consuming lot-for-lot processing in combination with a pug mill mixer is no longer needed. With UMP1 L-Power dual it’s possible to work with a continuous material flow. That’s why working with the L-Power dual makes the processing of clay materials easier and faster for more efficiency.
The machine can be filled with clay directly from the big bag. It’s only needed to regulate the consistency for material and without another step it can be applied on a wall or a surface

Processing clay plaster practical use
earth-moist bigbag material processing with UMP 1 L-Power mixing pump
machine processing of clay plaster fine finish coat with clay plaster machine UMP 1
working with earth-moist clay straight from bigbags in a machining way
machining workflow with insulation mortar on a basis of clay and clay stamp dry and earth-moist

But there are more application possibilities with the UMP 1 L-Power dual mixing pump. With a simple exchanging of the material container the machine can be processed with all conventional construction materials and high quality results.
The UMP 1 L-Power dual has the same fields of application such as UMP 1 L-Power mixing pump. As an additional plus point the mode of operation can be switched between 230V and 400V mode.

mixing pump L-Power dual Transport

UMP 1 mixing and conveying pumps transport logistics
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