equipment UMP1 L-Power dual 230V-400V

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mixing pump DF UMP 1 L-Power dual
230 V / 400 V, 16 A, switchable
standard equipment:
with 4,0 kW motor complete with:
pump unit D 6 3 maintenance-free standard
geared motor 4,0 kW
mixing shaft standard
dosing shaft V5 for L-Power
water flow meter 100-1000 l/h
air compressor with pressure switch-off
adapter for a separate circuit
for air compressor in 230-V-mode
electrical cable 3 x 4,0mm2, 25 m
mixing zone
fine plaster spraying gun
connector for remote control
mortar pressure hose 25 mm,
length 10 m, cpl. with couplings
air hose 1/2″,
length: 10 m, cpl. with couplings
mortar pressure gauge
tool bag
operating instructions
built-in water pressure pump