Overview - UMP1 practical application - videos

UMP1 mixing and conveying pumps by Deutsche Foerdertechnik be used on construction sites every day with all kinds of construction material from different manufacturers. Our practical application videos like to present a general view of options for using UMP1 machines various ways and with concrete examples. The following selection make no claims of being complete. Options for processing construction materials with mixing and conveying pumps by Deutsche Foerdertechnik are higher in fact. We hope it's a representative cross section for possible applications of our construction machine series.

UMP1 new videos
made concrete base for a floor heating system with UMP1 mixing pump UMP1 levelling concrete floors with thin screed UMP1 using with joint mortar for precast concrete components
processing grout mortar
UMP 1 processing expansive mortar UMP1 processing fast grout material Eurogrout Super UMP1 processing Pagel grout mortar 0-16m
grouting ring beam
UMP1 grouting ring beam UMP1 placing of concrete into facing framework making of a ring beam with mixing pump UMP1
UMP1 with clay products
UMP1 L-Power processing earth moist clay material clay plaster processed with mixing pump UMP1 L-Power with insulation clay mortar
UMP1 used for plastering
UMP1 plastering machine with decorativ topcoat restoration with UMP1 plaster machine lime-cement light plaster processed with UMP1
UMP1 mixing pump for backfilling
UMP 1 processing of paving grout UMP1 backfilling precast concrete components UMP1 with high-strength cementitious mortar